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Those of us who deal with acne know the frustration of searching and searching for the products and solution to get rid of it once and for all.  We have tried products from the drug stores, department stores, skin care clinics, dermatologists, the internet and TV, and more. We’ve spent hundreds of dollars. Many times the products work for awhile, and we think we’ve finally nailed it, but then it returns.

 So why is Face Reality different? Face Reality was developed by Licensed Esthetician, Laura Cooksey, who suffered with severe acne for years. Laura studied with Dr. James E. Fulton, renowned dermatologist and acne specialist, who co-developed Retin-A. Based on years of research, Laura developed the Face Reality products and system following strict adherence to ingredients, lifestyle choices, and continuous treatments and coaching.

 Many, if not most, acne products on the market contain comodogenic (pore-clogging) ingredients. It does not matter if the product states if is non-comodogenic because that is a claim that is not regulated by the FDA. Face Reality truly does not use any pore clogging ingredients. Certified Face Reality Estheticians provide lists of these ingredients to their clients.

 Face Reality also addresses the continuous adaptations skin has to active ingredients that fight acne. Remember how so many products work for a while, then stop? I like to use this simplified analogy: Battling acne is similar to athletic training. As one begins to train for a marathon or weight lifting, etc., muscles grow for a while, then stall until a higher intensity is introduced. This routine continues until a goal is reached. Skin responds to active ingredients for a while, but it adapts and progress stalls. Changes to slightly stronger ingredients are needed to further progress. Also similar to athletic training; sometimes the skin is pushed a bit too far and needs a few days of “rest” before intensity is resumed. Finally a goal is reached and an equilibrium is established. (Keep in mind that can change too.)  Another similarity to athletic training is that the process takes time, generally 3-4 months, sometimes longer. It actually took about 3 months for the pores to accumulate the debris inside.

So, ... what is acne?

 The medical term for acne is retention hyperkeratosis, which means “too much skin retention”. In acne-prone persons, the inside of the pore sheds skin cells up to 5 times faster than on the surface. Other debris and sebum, with the extra skin cells, build up at a rate faster than the pore’s natural ability to “empty” itself. Many factors affect whether or not pimples will form. 

How can a Face Reality Certified Specialist help?

Face Reality Specialists must complete thorough training to become accepted to the program. We learn more about the physiology of acne than any training I have encountered in my 10 years of practice. Intensive product and ingredient knowledge is provided. Each client needs a personalized starting point, as well as continuous treatments and coaching for their differing situations. Face Reality Specialists learn advanced evaluation skills to begin each client with the appropriate products. Most impressively, the knowledge to adjust treatment and troubleshoot problems is also given. This essentially is personal coaching for acne. We are there to help you conquer this disorder.

Please feel free to visit Face Reality's website for more information on how and why Face Reality works.  Also, take a look at reviews on yelp and google. http://facerealityacneclinic.com/


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